You got divorced, it was painful and you feel like a shell of a woman. So now what? Learn how to step into your POWER of identity, find your VOICE and do it with support and guidance.

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About Me

I’m Wendy Sterling.
I Help Women Go From 'I DO' to 'I'M DONE'.

When I looked in the mirror I saw what others reflected back.

Or who it was they expected me to be.

I was a “people pleaser.”

A “yes” girl even when I wanted to say no.

Afraid of rejection, judgment and abandonment.

Always caring about what others thought of me.

Desperate to be seen and heard… no matter the consequence.

I discovered that my divorce could be the most empowering experience I went through to find my authentic identity and voice to design a life I loved instead of feeling stuck in the one I had.


What Clients Are Saying

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'Wendy asks uncomfortable questions to look at myself. After every interaction with her I gained strategies. I didn't love myself or see my worth when I started. Now I'm enjoying dating myself & show myself daily self care. I am so much happier because of her.'


'The real turning point for me in Wendy's philosophy is to not get caught up in the story. It has been pivotal to the change in my mindset. She guides you through the coaching and provides real-life applications for what she is teaching. I always leave with a better understanding of myself.'


'She calms me & keep sme focused. She directs my attention where it needs to be and not on what my mind creates. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. I am excited to see what will transpire in our journey ahead.'


'Wendy has such a caring, genuine spirit & a radiant beauty inside and out what makes her a true joy to work with. She has a gift for bringing out the best self in you and help remove the blocks that are keeping me from achieving my full potential.'